Uncover the elusive wildlife in Kashmir
Eshika Fyzee

Eshika Fyzee is a National Geographic Explorer and a wildlife filmmaker who focuses on conservation in all the work that she does.She has travelled through parts of Nepal on assignments with National Geographic Traveller India, and has worked on conservation films with WWF India. Most recently, Eshika has produced and directed a broadcast length documentary on the severely threatened Himalayan Brown Bear, for the National Geographic Channel. She travelled to one of the coldest inhabited places on earth to film and document her expedition in search of the species, as well as the ongoing human-bear conflict in one of the most extreme terrains in the world.She is currently working on a new conservation films for National Geographic, and and hopes her work creates the positive impact she desires.

The Shark Island of Maldives
Malaika Vaz

Malaika is a National Geographic Explorer, TV presenter and wildlife filmmaker. Her documentaries focus on the environment, endangered species, community-led conservation and wildlife trafficking.​

She has travelled across some of the most hostile terrains on all seven continents - from hiking across glaciers in the Antarctic, to riding across deserts in Rajasthan, to diving with blue whales in remote frontiers of the ocean. Malaika’s recent film on Manta Rays was nominated for the Green Oscars and won an award at the prestigious Jackson Wild Media Awards. She documents the illegal wildlife trade globally as part of her work, and collaborates with organisations like WildAid and the Wildlife Trust of India on wildlife trafficking investigations and conservation initiatives.​

The Sky Island of Western Ghats
Prasenjeet Yadav

Prasenjeet Yadav is a molecular ecologist turned National Geographic Photographer & Explorer. He focuses on natural history and science stories in Asia. He is currently working on projects funded by National Geographic, and travels the globe for his documentation and speaking engagements. He combines his experience in research with his photography skills to popularize ecological and conservation sciences in the wider society. Along with the larger stories, he also produces stories that are directed at specific audiences who have the power to create lasting change.